Our Services

Research Strategies Australia works with Government, Industry and the Higher Education sector to maximise the benefits of research investment. We provide specialised data analysis and advice across the innovation sector to ensure that research budgets are directed effectively.

Our services include policy development, project management, research evaluation, identifying research partners and more. Our extensive experience across diverse industries, working with Government and our connection with the Australian Higher Education sector mean that we provide informed and expert advice.

Your Sector


We can identify the right researchers for your next project, whether you are looking for a one off engagement or for an ongoing employee. Our database captures 10 years of data on researchers across all areas and disciplines, ranging from Australia's leading academics to recent PhD graduates.

Higher Education

By using computer modelling and statistical analysis, and with a sound understanding of the Higher Education sector, we can assist universities to maximise their research portfolio. We can inform decision making by providing insights into research strengths, emerging areas, identifying opportunities for collaboration and streamlining, strategic planning and much more.


We work with Federal, State and Territory governments to deliver research policy and programs that benefit Australia. We are national experts in research metrics and evaluation, program design and review, and the national and international benchmarking of science, research and innovation.

About Us

Research Strategies Australia was established in 2014 by Dr Tim Cahill to assist the various stakeholders in the Australian research sector make the most of their strategic research agendas.

Prior to this, Dr Cahill was Director, Research Performance and Analysis at the Australian Research Council. In this role he was responsible for the delivery of Australia's national evaluation of university research, Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA).